Follow the Construction Progress

Still photo of the construction site, taken on Friday, March 7, 2014

General Construction Plan

Broadly, the construction plan for the new seminary is divided into two phases:

The goal of this plan is to allow the seminary to move to the new location as quickly as possible to keep pace with the rate at which the seminary community has been growing. Once moved into the new buildings, the focus will be to complete the chapel.

Where are we right now? All of the architectural planning has been completed, and workers have begun the actual construction which Phase One entails.

Phase One Plan and Details

The first building to go up in Phase One will be the one enclosing the cloister area (which is by far the majority of the main seminary complex, excluding the chapel). This building comprises three "wings" which form a three-sided rectangle. The chapel forms the fourth side of this rectangle. Take a look.

Of the three wings, two will consist of three floors and a basement level. The third wing will have only the three floors, without a basement level. The basement level will consist of rooms dedicated to the various jobs which the seminarians do, for example, an art room, a workshop, pump room, and the lower sacristy (dedicated to ceremonies with a bishop present). See it.

On the ground floor will be the classrooms, of which there will be seven total. This number matches the number of years that the seminarians are in formation at the Seminary, which ensures a place for each "grade level". The ground floor will also contain the main level of the library (the library will spread over two floors: the basement level and the ground level). Finally, some other work areas are also present on this floor. Show me.

The second and third floors are the dormitory, containing a total of 120 seminarian rooms, which is the ideal size for this kind of seminary. In addition to the seminarian rooms, the professors will live in the dorm in rooms equipped with offices. There is also a special room for the Rector of the seminary and for a Bishop when there is one in residence. Visualize this.

After the completion of the classroom and dormitory building, the structure sharing the west wall with this building will be built. This structure contains all of the "common rooms" of the seminary, such as the kitchen, the refectory (where meals are taken), the conference hall, and the recreation room. With the completion of this structure, Phase One will be complete and the seminary will look to move in. Picture it.